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Blackjack is one of the most exciting gambling games to enjoy in an online casino. A huge reason for the popularity of blackjack is that the player is given an opportunity to make choices regarding their hand. One of the most important aspects of basic strategy in blackjack is knowing when to “hit” or take another card.

What is a “Hit” in Blackjack?

Simply put, to “hit” your hand in blackjack is to request another card that will be added to the total of your original two-card hand. In blackjack, each player is dealt two cards to start. The player can then choose to “hit” or “stand” in addition to other choices like insurance or doubling down in certain situations. To stand is to refuse any additional cards and stand on your total, which must come closer to a total of 21 than the dealer’s hand without going over.

Here’s an example. You are dealt a 7 and a 6 for a total of 13. You can only see one of the dealer’s cards which is a 10. You must always assume the dealer has another 10 with the dealer’s card you cannot see. Your total of 13 is a poor sum in blackjack, so you take a hit. The dealer gives you another card which is an 8. You now have a total of 21, the best hand in blackjack, and require no additional cards.

You are permitted to hit your hand as many times as you like as long as you do not exceed a total of 21. If you exceed 21, or “bust,” the hand is over and you lose the hand.

How to Hit in Blackjack

There are strict rules in a live casino that govern how you hit your hand in blackjack. In nearly every case, players are not permitted to touch their cards. To hit your hand all you need to do is lightly scratch your index finger on the table in front of you. The dealer will recognize this gesture and give you another card. It is always good to verbalize in addition to making a hand gesture. You can just say, “Hit.”

Hitting your hand in an online casino is much easier. All you have to do is just click the button marked “HIT” below your cards. There will be a similar button marked “STAND” as well as those for other options. If you are using a mobile device, tap the HIT button with your finger to receive an additional card.

When to Hit in Blackjack

Basic blackjack strategy can become pretty complex, but remembering a few simple rules regarding when to hit will increase your chances of winning:

  • Always hit when your total is less than 17 if the dealer shows a 10.
  • Do not hit if your total is 12 or more when the dealer shows a 4, 5, or 6.

Just abiding by these simple suggestions for taking a hit in blackjack will increase your chances of winning in the online casino. Just remember, never hit a hand of 17 or more. The odds that you will bust are stacked against you.