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hold on video poker
When poker players sit down to play live poker in a brick and mortar casino or poker facility, they tend to do things on instinct. They have learned to play their hands a certain way and don’t typically think too much about the mechanics of making certain decisions. When playing video poker, there are buttons that must be pressed to initiate each hand and to indicate which cards are to be held and discarded. This will typically require a bit more forethought prior to pushing any buttons.

About 5-Card Draw Poker Online

A typical 5-card draw online poker games will provide the player with access to six buttons that will be used to control the game. After pressing “deal,” a new hand will be dealt and the first five cards will be exposed. The player is then required to make a decision about which cards they want to keep, and subsequently, how many cards they wish to draw. While most online video poker games are based on a standard 5-card draw format, there may be some variations for wild cards and payoffs. Most versions will allow players to draw as many as five cards. This is a little different than some live poker games where the number of new cards to be drawn is limited by the rules.

What is “hold” in video poker?

During a live poker game, poker players must decide which cards they want to discard. On a video poker game being played on an online casino site, they must view things the opposite way. They are going to be deciding which cards are to be held. Once that decision had been made, the will use the “hold” key to indicate which cards they will be keeping with the remainder being discarded and replacement cards being dealt. Since there will be only one redraw, players need to stay focused on creating the best hand possible for a payoff on the board.

Should you be playing video poker and you start holding cards after the initial deal, you can change your mind by pressing the hold key a second time, releasing it from hold status. You have the ability to keep changing until such time as you are ready to press the draw button. At that point in time, the selection process has been completed and your remaining cards from the redraw will be revealed. These results will be compared to the game’s pay table to determine what amount, if any, you win.

If you have any concerns about the idiosyncrasies of playing online draw poker, it might be worth your time and effort to go through a tutorial that will tell you more about how to play. You might also pick up some tips that could prove useful towards helping you get a better return on your monetary investment made during the game. With as many as 20 different versions of 5-card draw on the Internet, it’s important for you to understand the specific rules related to the version you are playing. The only thing you will find that is consistent from one game to the next is the process of hitting the hold button to indicate which cards you wish to keep.