Where can I find a good video poker game?
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Video poker is one of the most popular games on the market. It enjoys a huge following with hundreds of variations in game play. Finding a good video poker game can prove immensely satisfying and yield hours of entertainment.

What kind of poker do you want to play?

You can find a video poker game for every style of play. Do you want to gamble with real money or are you just in the game for fun? If you just want to flip some cards and have a good time, chances are good you can find a video poker app for your portable device, whether you play on your phone, tablet, or handheld gaming console. Handheld consoles usually require you to purchase the game outright and seldom ever play for real money. Apps that run on your phone or tablet usually offer a free download and the opportunity to purchase in-game benefits through micro-transactions. Once again, these games seldom let you play for real money.

If you want to play video poker for real money, you really only have two options: dedicated gaming machines like those at a casino or Internet-based gaming websites. At a casino you will exchange real money for casino tokens or electronic credits and spend them in the video poker machine. The machine then provides an immediate payout or credit to your casino account. Online video poker usually requires you to purchase an initial stake. You then spend this stake on the video poker app, which pays back into your website account. Both types of games let you cash out your winnings for real money.

Who do you trust?

In this age of identity theft and electronic money scams, you can’t be too careful. Phone and tablet apps operate on the information your service provider attaches to your account. This type of video poker means your financial information is extremely secure but only lets you spend money without cashing out your winnings. Playing video poker at a casino gives you the security of physically handling your own money and immediately controlling your spending. It offers an immediate payout and the ability to play virtually anonymously. In addition, large jackpots can be paid out by the casino through a check or account deposit.

Internet-based video poker requires a bit more trust. You need to establish an account with the gaming provider and give them your financial information. Many of these websites are based internationally, and are not necessarily subject to the protection of your home country’s laws. Choose your online video poker venue with care. Pay attention to the reviews of other players and see if the site has been reported as a scam. Only play at websites that you trust with your financial information; learn as much about your gaming provider as possible.

Are you having fun?

Video poker is all about having fun. If you aren’t enjoying the game you’ve chosen then it’s time to find a new game. Most video poker providers offer a huge variety of gaming choices, including multiple varieties of video poker. Once you’ve found a venue you can trust, it makes sense to stay with that provider as long as you feel secure. Change up your game and don’t be afraid to try new things. Your games should always be safe, fun, and rewarding.