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A popular casino game that can trace its origins back to the 1700s, roulette allows players to place bets on numbers matching those on a spinning wheel. A ball is then spun in the counter direction to the wheel’s spin and its fall into a numbered pocket determines the winner of the game. American Roulette uses a wheel with numbers 00,0, and 1-36, while European Roulette uses only the 0 and 1-36. In both games, the 1-36 alternate colors between red and black while the 0 and 00 are green.

Table Layout

The table layout consists of a grid of numbers which form the “inside” betting track and a series of perimeter boxes that form the “outside” betting track. French Roulette also includes a compressed oval replica of the roulette wheel known as the “Racetrack”. The background field of the table layout is most commonly green but may also be aqua or red. Table designs are most commonly customized to reflect the property, as long as the layout of the table remains the same. European and American Roulette place the wheel at one end of the table; French Roulette places the wheel in the center of the table with identical betting tracks on either side. While French tables are often red, they are also commonly green or aqua.

Betting Inside

Inside bets are placed by laying cheques on a single number or on the borders between numbers. French Roulette uses all of the same inside bets as European and American Roulette. Single number bets only pay out if the selected number turns up, but the bet pays out 35:1. Since the inside track is laid out in a grid of three columns with twelve rows each, a bet may be placed so that it overlaps any two or four numbers by placing the bet on a grid line or corner. Split bets cover two numbers and pay out at 17:1. Corner bets cover four numbers and pay out at 8:1. Placing a bet at the top of a column or row plays all of the numbers in the line, three in row for a Street bet, twelve in a column for a Column bet. Street bets pay out a 11:1; Column bets pay out at 2:1. A Basket bet includes the 0, 1, 2, and 3 and pays out 6:1

Betting Outside

Bets placed along the outside of the grid layout play the most numbers at one time. A player may choose to play Odds or Evens, Red or Black, or High (19-36) or Low (1-18) numbers. Each of these bets pays out at 1:1.

Playing the Race Track

The French Roulette table layout includes an oval that recreates the wheel. Players may place bets by selecting neighboring numbers. These bets are referred to as “Called Bets” because they must be announced to the dealer, who must verbally accept them. Each of these bets is considered to be a Straight bet on each number in the chosen section of the wheel. The player is responsible for covering the total value of the bet as soon as the bet is accepted by the dealer. These bets are also known as “French bets”.