Wind Creek Casino & Hotel, Atmore – Alabama

Location of Wind Creek Casino & Hotel in Atmore, Alabama

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Wind Creek Atmore Casino & Hotel – Alabama, United States

Wind Creek Atmore Casino & Hotel is located in Atmore, Alabama, and it’s a top-notch casino and resort. The casino and hotel are on-site together, allowing for players to game in the casino, and then stay the night in the hotel. The hotel features a spa, a swimming pool, as well as some top-notch suites for those who want them. Anyone who is a gamer at the casino, can earn enough points to get a discounted stay at the hotel, or possibly get free stays as compensation. The hotel features some amazing dining options, as well as a kitchen.

The kitchen at the hotel is actually a restaurant and a training course, which teaches people how to cook some of the amazing meals that are served at the hotel. The classes are hands-on, and you’ll learn first-hand from a chef, how to make some of the best dishes, so you can begin creating masterpieces at home. You can check the schedule to see when the sessions are available, and you can also inquire with the hotel about the cost of the classes. Not only can you learn skills, while being in the kitchen, but you can also have a meal there as well

If you’re choosing to stay at the hotel, then you may want to visit the amazing pool that is on-site, if it’s warm enough outside. Alabama can get pretty cold during the winter months, so the pool is only available during the warm season. Those who are staying at the hotel, should check out the spa, which has some amazing features. Receive a massage, get a facial, have your nails done, and do many more spa treatments. There’s even a spa cuisine on site, so that you can eat, while you’re at the spa. Enjoy your spa treatments, and eat some healthy food too.

Those who are interested in entertainment, can find a lot to do at the Wind Creek Atmore Casino & Hotel. There are many different options, such as bowling, a movie theater, games, golf, as well as live shows. There’s an amphitheater, where you can see some big names in comedy and entertainment perform. You can always check for the shows ahead of time, in order to purchase your tickets. If you’re one who wants to watch movies, go to their movie theater, which is showing all the latest movies. There is also an amazing Sound Lounge, which has small concerts and events playing, while you lounge by the bar.

If you love golf, take advantage of the golf that’s on the property, and play on the 18 hole golf course for some fun. Those who are into bowling, can play in the Strikes bowling alley, which has 16 lanes available for play. If you bring your kids with you to the Wind Creek Atmore Casino & Hotel, don’t worry about them when you’re in the casino, because there’s an arcade available for them. The arcade features 45 different machines, so your child can find many ways to have fun, while you gamble in the casino.

If you are planning on staying in the hotel, you can look into the packages that are available, which are hotel packages or group packages. If you’re going with a big group, then you can get a discount on your stay. Even if you are just staying with a significant other, you can get some great hotel packages that offer dinner along with your stay, or you can add a spa treatment, as well as many other packages that are available. Also, don’t forget that you can join in the kitchen, and get a package with a six course meal, and an upgraded one night stay.

When you’re ready to go to the casino, then get ready for a lot of fun. The casino is right on property, so there is no need to do any driving, in order to get to the gaming floor. Those who are new to the Wind Creek Atmore Casino & Hotel, can join the club membership, which only takes minutes, and it’s free of charge. The club membership starts with a gold card, and you’ll be able to accumulate points with every game that you play. Once you get so many points, then you can begin enjoying the free rewards.

If it’s your first time playing in the casino, then there is a promotion where you can receive all the money you’ve lost, back on your card. You can play up to $1000, and have the money placed back on your card, within seven days. Once the money is returned to your card, you can go back to the casino, and wager the entire amount, and your winnings will be separate from the bonus amount added to your card. Your card should be used at all times when you play on the gaming floor, so you don’t miss out on any points that can be earned.

When you’re ready to play, choose from the many games that are available. The casino is 50,000 square feet, and it has over 1700 games available for play. Unfortunately, this casino does not have any table games available, but many slot games are ready to be played. With all the games that are available, you may easily be able to find yourself winning some real money to take home with you. Most of the games have five reels, and up to 20 pay lines, but you can choose the games that interest you the most. Some of the jackpots are progressive, and there are also non-progressive jackpots.

There are always promotions going on within the casino, and they may occur on a daily basis, or on a weekly basis. You can join in some of the promotions, including their Million-Dollar Giveaway. Check with the casino to see what promotions are going on, so that you don’t miss out on any tournaments, special, or opportunities for free play. Wind Creek Atmore Casino & Hotel is full of fun, for both adults and kids alike.

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