Wind Creek, Wetumpka – Alabama

Location of Wind Creek in Wetumpka, Alabama

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Wind Creek Wetumpka Casino & Hotel – Alabama, United States

Wind Creek Wetumpka, is located in Wetumpka, Alabama. The casino is small, but it now boasts a hotel, so many can choose to stay in the vicinity of the casino. Pull up to the casino and find a parking space, either in front of the casino, or in the parking garage, off to the side of the casino. Once you get to the casino, you can go through the front door, and get ready to have some fun. This casino has slots only, no table games.

When Creek Wetumpka is a part of a bigger chain of casinos, and they all boast the same club card, which can be used in any of the casinos. There is also a Wind Creek Atmore, and Creek Casino Montgomery, and they are all in the same chain of casinos, If you’ve been to any of the other casinos, you can still use your club card in the Wetumpka casino, and continue to earn points, and also use your current rewards. Similar to the other casinos, the Wind Creek Wetumpka has special promotions and prizes as well. Those who are new to the casino, can have all their losses returned to them, up to $1000.

If you’re a new player in the casino, then you need to sign up for a club card. You never want to play a game without your club card, as it helps you to earn points, which will later lead to rewards. You can easily get free food, free play, and be entered into drawings, if you earn enough points on your club card. As a new player, you’ll start out with the standard Gold Club Card, unless you play your way up to a higher level. It’s completely free to sign up for the club card, and it’s very wise to choose to do so.

You can sign up for the card by going to the money center, which is near the front of the casino. Sign up only takes a few minutes, and you can apply a pin to your card, so you can check your information in the future. The card can be used to find out all types of information, including finding out about your wins and losses. There are many machines around the casino, that allow you to check and see how much money you’ve spent in the casino to date, or how much you’ve lost. There are also machines that will give you change, and pay on your winning ticket.

You can print off the win/Loss statement if you need to, so that you can have it for any purpose, including for taxes. Use the machines to print off information, enter drawings, and inquire about your play inside the casino when you use your card. When you’re ready to play, you can choose to go to the high roller room, or you can stay in the main areas of the casino. The high roller room is sectioned off, but anyone can go in the section, if they want to play.

Games in the high roller room will start at five bucks, and go all the way up to $50. Remember that it’s $5 minimum per spin, so you can easily spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars, if you continue to play on a single high roller game. If you’re not interested in playing in the high roller room, then you can go out to the main floors, and find one of the games that require a lower bet. Betting amounts start as low as one penny, and they will go up to five dollars. Only if you go to the high roller room, can you place a higher bet amount.

There are many games on the floor with several different pay lines. You can choose from a single pay line, or from dozens of pay lines. Each game has its own bet amount as well, and the bet amount can be wagered on each pay line, meaning that you can end up spending a lot of money for each spin. If you’re one that’s interested in single pay line games that go for $.25, then you can find some in the front of the casino, as well as in the back. Single pay line games, used to be standard slot games.

Make sure you remember to use your club card any time you play, so you can be entered into any of the promotions that the casino is offering. There are many different giveaways going on in the casino, and you have to inquire about them, especially on particular days. The casino is very good at having themed days, such as “Two For The Money,” which is a virtual scratch off game, and it’s played on Tuesdays. There are grand prizes, and you must play during certain hours, in order to qualify for the promotion.

The casino will also have other days of the week where they have promotions, and all of this information is in their newsletters, which they will send out to their customers. You can also ask for a newsletter, while you’re in the casino, if you want to read up on the latest news for the casino. It’s easy to find some sort of promotion on almost a daily basis at the casino, so you can win more money, other than just playing on the slots. Also remember that during certain months, promotions may change, or other promotions may be added.

The casino also has a popular buffet that’s located in the back, and if you’re new to the casino, you may win free food, depending on how much you play for the day. There are several dining options available, including a grill, in case you don’t want to eat at the buffet. Those who are looking for coffee, can go to the “Bean,” which is a coffee center, and it offers pastries as well. Wind Creek Wetumpka, has upgraded a lot, and there are great games to play, great dining options, as well as a brand-new hotel, for anyone looking to stay the night.

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