Winter Wonders Slot

winter-wonders It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, thanks to the creative design team from Rival. Winter Wonders is a video slot game that brings gamers the holiday spirit all year round. Throw in five reels and fifteen paylines to make it a Christmas that players will never forget. With a payout of approximately 96%, this festive game is truly a present with every win. A favorite during the holiday season, it will have lucky players singing Winter Wonderland all the way to the bank.


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Play Anytime You Need a Taste of Winter
For those who love to watch the snow fly and trim the tree, Winter Wonders is a top pick. Play it all winter long while the cold winds blow or in the middle of July when you’re wishing it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Game designers chose wisely when they picked classic symbols of the holiday season, including the Gingerbread Man, a Snowflake, a Snowman, and more. Winter Wonders will tickle the senses with its colorful scenery and holiday cheer playing in the background. It’s definitely a mood changer that will put a smile on gamers’ faces and bring back memories of yesteryear. When the winter season seems to far away, Winter Wonders brings it home at any time.

Open More Gifts Wrapped Up in Every Symbol
Whether gamers go wild with the snowman, get a scatter with the snowman, catch free spins with snowflakes, or luck out with the skier for the bonus game, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a bounty of presents wrapped up in big wins. Take a chance and watch the video slots pop up with every spin. Feel the anticipation of childhood when it was time to find out what was hiding under the tree. Winter Wonders can be the gift that keeps on giving if it’s a player’s lucky day.

Catch the Action Any Way You Want It
Play for free or make it high stakes fun. When gamers jump into Winter Wonders, they can choose the highest coin amount and play on every reel if they really want a chance at taking home a big present at the end of the game. For those who just want to have a little merriment in their lives, but don’t want to risk losing any of their hard-earned money, free play is just as much fun.

Take a Spin and Enjoy Winter Wonders All Year Long
Rival knows exactly what people want in a video slot. From excellent graphics to good sound effects and favorable odds, Winter Wonders has it all. Add a great concept, the holiday season that makes people jump for joy, and it’s no wonder that plenty of players will come back for more turns with Winter Wonders fun. Check out the action and find out if the holiday spirit is going to be yours when you join in the excitement of Winter Wonders. One time won’t be enough.


  1. look I do not have luck with regret

  2. I played this game for the first time liked it now I will try it for real.

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